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Always Buy NEW Appliance Appliance Parts and never used!

Our company recommendation is to always buy new appliance parts and never used ones. All new appliance parts are first of all "BRAND NEW" and have never been previously installed. New appliance parts come with a brand new manufacturers warranty, and can easily be exchanged if an item is defective. Used appliance parts and used replacement parts are often sold online, and often they are "AS-IS" condition. The fact that they are used and in "AS-IS" condition can cause damage to your appliance when repairing them because they were not cleaned, and tested and guaranteed to work like the new part. Although you can save money buying used, you should always buy new OEM parts for your repairs or at least new compatible parts to complete your job because they will last longer than any USED parts you purchase online.

New Parts come with 

* Warranty

* Parts are brand new and contain no debris inside of them from the previous owner

* All seals and gaskets are new with the part so they will last LONGER and will not leak like a used item may

* Manufacturers warranty is not lost when replacing an item with a new OEM item

* OEM new parts come with instructions

* Often times OEM manufacturers redesign parts over the coarse of years to help make improvements on them, if you buy used then you may be buying the old version of the part

Jan 2nd 2022 Lou Kapz

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